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Sleeve Bearings

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Linear Shafting: Steel
& Stainless Steel

Linear Slides & Systems

Special Designs
Linear Ball Bearings
Steel, Self-Aligning
& Stainless

Roller Block/Rail Linear Bearings

Profile Rail Guides

Curved & Ring Roller Block Systems

Low Friction,
High Speeds, High Loads

LM76 Linear Bearings - Linear Shafting - Linear Slides
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Tough, Self-Lubricating and Super for Shock and Vibration.

NEW 3.7.2015


   Tough, Smooth & Quiet
Great for Contamination

& Wash Down Chemicals

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Linear Motion Bearings!
We want to get to know you better so we can better serve your needs. It goes without saying that OEM Purchasing has a different set of needs than Design Engineering. Thus we have broken our customer base into 4 categories: OEM Purchasing, Design/Mechanical Engineering, Bearing Distribution and MRO Maintenance. Beginning in January 2015, we will create blog pages and RSS Feeds tailored to each group. Your feedback is critical in making this program a success. Tell us what you need, what you expect and let us do the rest. 

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PTFE, Self-Lube Linear Bearings Ceramic Coated Linear Bearings Stainless FDA Linear Bearings

Minuteman Self Lube™ Linear Bearings
    All Weather - Quiet - Smooth and take
high loads!

Black Racer Linear Bearings™ - For High Acceleration and
Speeds. Drop-in replacement for all standard linear ball bearings

Stainless Linear bearings, shafting and systems for the food, medical and pharmaceutical industry
Bull Dog Self-Lube Bearings Linear Ball Bearings Stainless Ball Bearings Linear Shafting

"All Weather"
Glass Epoxy Shell

Linear Ball Bearings

A Series Steel & Self Aligning

Stainless Linear Ball Bearings
Stainless & Resin Retainers

Rc60 - 300 Stainless  440C Stainless & Ceramic Coated Aluminum Shafting
SB-LGB Roller
Block System
SB-LGA Roller
Block System
SB-LGC Roller Twin
Rail Block System
SB-LGV "V" Roller
Block System
JET Rail Roller
Block System
SG Speed Demon
Roller Block System
OSG Speed Demon
Roller Block System
EL300 Speed Demon
Wide Body
Defender 1 Defender 2 Roll Slide Mini FDA Slide Rail

Defender 1 SS and Zinc
Plated Steel Roller Blocks

Defender 2 Stainless
& Zinc Plated Steel Roller Blocks

NEW! Stainless Roll Slide Mini

FDA Slide Rail and Block

Whisper  Slides Whisper-Light Profile Rail Guides Basic Linear Slides

Whisper Linear Slide Systems
All Weather - Lightweight

New Whisper-Light
FDA Washdown

Low Cost Profile Guide Bearings

Basic Linear Slide Systems
Vertical Linear Slides Non-Driven Linear Slides Screw Driven Slides Stainless
Linear Slides

Profle Rail Linear Slides

Non-Driven Linear Slidess

Screw Driven Linear Slides

Stainless Linear Slides
X,Y Linear Slide Systems Vertical Linear Slides Special Designs
High Load/Long Tavel Slides

X,Y Linear Systems
Vertical Slide Assemblies

Vertical Slide Tables
Special Designs

High Load, Long Travel Slides
Precision Linear Slide Technology

Long Travel Linear Slides

Paper Dust, Ink & Moments

Special Slide Designs

Caustic Vapor Linear Slides

Self-Centering Slides

High Load Slides

Special Turn-Key Designs

NEMA Drive Kits
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   White Paper on Sleeve vs.
Ball &  Rollers

 Linear Slides: Sleeve Systems
vs. Rolling Systems

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