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Sleeve Bearings

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Linear Shafting: Steel & Stainless Steel

Linear Slides & Systems

Special Designs

Linear Ball Bearings
Steel, Self-Aligning & Stainless

Roller Block/Rail Linear Bearings

Profile Rail Guides

Curved & Ring Roller Block Systems

Low Friction,
High Speeds, High Loads

LM76 Linear Bearings - Linear Shafting - Linear Slides
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Defender 1 Nitride-Plus Hardened
Steel Rail with Corrosion Plus.


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LM76 Linear Bearing Product Directory Below

PTFE, Self-Lube Linear Bearings Ceramic Coated Linear Bearings Stainless FDA Linear Bearings

Minuteman Self Lube™ Linear Bearings
    All Weather - Quiet - Smooth and take
high loads!

Black Racer Linear Bearings™ - For High Acceleration and
Speeds. Drop-in replacement for all standard linear ball bearings

Stainless Linear bearings, shafting and systems for the food, medical and pharmaceutical industry
Bull Dog Self-Lube Bearings Linear Ball Bearings Stainless Ball Bearings Linear Shafting

"All Weather"
Glass Epoxy Shell

Linear Ball Bearings

A Series Steel & Self Aligning

Stainless Linear Ball Bearings
Stainless & Resin Retainers

Rc60 - 300 Stainless  440C Stainless & Ceramic Coated Aluminum Shafting
SB-LGB Roller
Block System
SB-LGA Roller
Block System
SB-LGC Roller Twin
Rail Block System
SB-LGV "V" Roller
Block System
JET Rail Roller
Block System
SG Speed Demon
Roller Block System
OSG Speed Demon
Roller Block System
EL300 Speed Demon
Wide Body
Defender 1 Defender 2 Roll Slide Mini FDA Slide Rail

Defender 1 SS and Zinc
Plated Steel Roller Blocks

Defender 2 Stainless
& Zinc Plated Steel Roller Blocks

NEW! Stainless Roll Slide Mini

FDA Slide Rail and Block

Whisper  Slides Whisper-Light Profile Rail Guides Basic Linear Slides

Whisper Linear Slide Systems
All Weather - Lightweight

New Whisper-Light
FDA Washdown

Low Cost Profile Guide Bearings

Basic Linear Slide Systems
Vertical Linear Slides Non-Driven Linear Slides Screw Driven Slides Stainless
Linear Slides

Profle Rail Linear Slides

Non-Driven Linear Slidess

Screw Driven Linear Slides

Stainless Linear Slides
X,Y Linear Slide Systems Vertical Linear Slides Special Designs
High Load/Long Tavel Slides

X,Y Linear Systems
Vertical Slide Assemblies

Vertical Slide Tables
Special Designs

High Load, Long Travel Slides
Precision Linear Slide Technology

Long Travel Linear Slides

Paper Dust, Ink & Moments

Special Slide Designs

Caustic Vapor Linear Slides

Self-Centering Slides

High Load Slides

Special Turn-Key Designs

NEMA Drive Kits
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   White Paper on Sleeve vs.
Ball &  Rollers

 Linear Slides: Sleeve Systems
vs. Rolling Systems

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