At LM76, we are not trying to sell you anything but economical, engineered solutions. We want your business
and we know that if we do a great job, you will call us again. When selecting a linear bearing system for your application,
there are a few things to keep in mind. I have outlined some of these considerations below. Please call us with any
questions - we love your calls!   Mike Quinn VP Sales & Marketing - LM76
Whisper Slide

If you do not comply with the 2:1 Ratio, you will
notice binding, sticking and ratcheting. If your
pillow block spacing is less than 1, then you
must increase the distance between the
pillow blocks.


Whisper Slides are an economical selection and possess some
meaningful - all around - advantages:

All Weather Operation
Washdown Rated
No Mechanical Components that can Catastrophically Fail
Lightweight Construction
High Load Capability
Smooth Running
Quiet Operation
Excellent In Contaminated Environments - Dust, Debris

That's the upside. Now the downside.

Sleeve bearing systems, like our Whisper Linear Slide, have an inherent drawback called "stiction."
Because sleeve-bearings have a lot of contact area ( as opposed to a point loaded ball or roller ),
they require a greater amount of force - than a ball or roller - to get under way. We use a .3 multiplier
when we size these slides. EXAMPLE: If you had a 100 pound load applied uniformly over the
4 bearings of the carriage block, in a horizontal orientation, it would take 30 pounds of force to get
the slide moving. Once the slide transitions from static to dynamic, the frictional characteristics
become uniform and the force required drops dramatically.

Edge Loading: Edge Loading can be an issue with sleeve-type linear bearings and systems.
If there is a moment load applied to these slides we have to employ what is commonly called the
2:1 ratio between the length of the moment arm and the distance between shafts ( horizontal orientation )and distance between bearings on one shaft ( vertical orientation ).

EXAMPLE VERTICAL: If I have a vertical lift system and I have a 90 moment arm of 10" carrying
aload of 40 pounds then the distance between the bearings on shaft must be a minimum of
5" apart inside to inside. Because Whisper Linear Slides feature a carriage plate that employs
an aluminum extrusion top plate, we can make a longer plate to accommodate the required
bearings spread. To be honest, I would like to see a 1:1 ratio on these vertical applications.

Max Linear Velocity: 150 Surface feet Per Minute with Load
Requires no Lubrication/Maintenance Free

Speed Demon Roller Blocks
SPEED DEMON SG/OSG/EL300 Linear Roller Blocks

If friction, sticktion or edge loading is an issue, then you might want to consider our Speed
Demonlinear roller blocks. These slides offer lightweight aluminum extrusion construction with hardened steel shafting and rollers. These linear roller blocks have good load capabilities, can accommodate moderate moment loading while providing very low friction.

Max Linear Velocity: 10 meters per second.
Requires no Lubrication - Bearings are sealed and Lubed for Life/Maintenance Free


Profile Rail Guides

Profile Rail Systems

For low friction, high loads and extreme moment loading, profile rail guides are the
best answer. These bearings are capable of taking up to 65,000 pounds of load
per bearing ( Size 65 ) while ensuring high stiffness, high accuracy and
extremely low friction.

Max Linear Velocity: 3 meters per second
Requires Lubrication