Multi-Axis Slide Packages are Available Upon Request. Call 1-800-513-3163 ask for Mike Quinn

Basic linear slides are just that...basic. They are easy to understand, install and get the job done. Basic Slides come in 3 sizes and offer two, carriage sizes: single ( 2 bearings ) and double ( 4 bearings ). The end support blocks offer a simple clamping and mounting design in one. Lastly, you have 2 bearing packages: steel linear ball bearings or our Minuteman PTFE Composite, Self Lube linear bearings. Basic slides offer some special options:

  • Lightweight ceramic coated aluminum shafting (only when used with Minuteman PTFE Composite Bearings)

  • FDA/USDA/Washdown Compliant Ceramic Coated Aluminum Carriage Plate, Shafting, End Support Blocks and Minuteman White PTFE Composite Bearings

    Please call for additional information on these options: 1-800-513-3163

P/N Single Carriage Double Carriage End Support Blocks x 2 Shafting Per Inch
BS6 $ 22.82 ea. $ 34.34 ea. $ 25.29 ea. $1.00 per
BS8 $ 26.14 ea. $ 39.10 ea. $ 28.00 $1.20 per inch
BS12 $ 59.36 ea. $ 102.82 ea. $ 91.68 ea. $1.30 per inch
Please Call LM76 for Volume Quotations - Distributor Pricing - 1-800-513-3163


BS 8 - S - M (Bearing Style) - Max Stroke - EB2

BS 6 S D Bearing Style MAX Stroke End Block
x 2
Basic Slide 6mm Shaft Hard Chrome Plated Steel Single Block Double Block
M = Minuteman PTFE Composite
= Linear Ball Bearing
Distance the carriage plate has to travel EB2
NOTE: Shaft Length = Width of End Blocks x 2 + Carriage Block
Length + MAX Stroke

Basic Slides come in kit form. Given the length of travel you desire, LM76 will cut shafting to accommodate your application.
Thus you need to specify the amount of system travel you need to end up with.

Bearing Options - See Difference between Linear Ball and PTFE Composite
B = Steel Jacketed
Linear Ball Bearing
M = Minuteman PTFE Composite - Self Lube

LM76 will cut shafting to accommodate your stroke requirements


BS6-S 44.5 10
BS6-D 89 20
BS8-S 47 10.5
BS8-D 95 21
BS12-S 110 24.5
BS12-D 127 28.5

   NOTE: The BS 6 Slide is not available with the "M" ( PTFE ) Style Bearing.