Special Linear Slides

The above twin Linear slide system was designed for a large manufacturer of semiconductors. The vapors
from a plating operation were so corrosive that linear components were failing within months of installation.
LM76 designed a system which was predominately stainless while some components were nickel plated.
Our special polymatrix, ball screw nut was a major improvement over a competitor's system which
employed a standard re-circulating ball nut.

Linear Bearings:
Special Plated, Lubrication Free, High Temp, Angular Contact Ball Bearings
Shafting: 304 Stainless with a Proprietary Hard Chrome Finish

LM76 supplied this system complete with drive kit and motors.


LM76 employs our special
Polymatrix Screw/Nut assembly
in our stainless steel linear slides.
Our Polymatrix Nuts offer the following
advantages overtraditional plastic
and ball nuts:

1. Extremely Hard
2. Will not imbed, include material
3. Will not absorb liquids
4. Higher Load Capacity
5. No debris or mechanical failure
    mode( lost balls ).