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LM76 offers extremely competitive pricing on linear shafting: round, hollow, predrilled, continuous support extrusions, predrilled & assembled shafting. We specialize in standard linear shafting: RC60/Class L Linear Shafting, 300 series s/s Linear Shafting. For most applications, RC60/Class L is the linear shafting of choice with all LM76 linear bearing styles: Minuteman, Ceramic Coated and FDA/USDA acceptable. When using a self lube linear bearing of any kind PTFE like our industry leading Minuteman™ linear bearing, remember that non-lubricated linear shafting will oxidize and rust. LM76's soft 300 series stainless linear shafting ( RB25 ) is a natural selection for both our Minuteman and  FDA/USDA compliant linear bearings where washdown and chemical resistance are a must.
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Linear Shafting & Accessories
Linear Shafting
1060 Steel
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Supported Linear Shafting
1060 Steel
300 Stainless
Chrome Plated
Nitronic 50
Ceramic Coated Aluminum Supports for Washdown Applications
Aluminum Shaft Support
Special Double Length,
Double Strength &
Special Bore Sizes Available

1045 Steel Shaft Support
Corrosion Coated
1/2 the cost of Aluminum
More Rigid
Higher Strength


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Shaft support assemblies and rails provide an economical means of mounting hardened and precision ground shafting. These shaft supports conform to standard industry specifications and can be used for continuous or intermittent support. The design of the shaft support includes a machined reference edge on one side for easy mounting and installation. Standard shaft support rails are ready to ship from stock for your immediate requirements. These shaft supports would normally be used in conjunction with open pillow blocks incorporating either linear ball bearings or self-lubricating bearings depending on the type of application. LM76 also provides complete in-house machining capabilities offering total solutions in this product range for your linear motion requirements. Most important, LM76 provides you consistently with the best delivery in the industry on standard and engineered shaft supports.




Special 1.5" 440c Machined Shafts featuring Diamond Coating x 78" Long

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