At LM76, we offer over 150 years of linear slide engineering experience. This experience covers a myriad of industries and applications. From our PTFE Composite Bearings to traditional low profile rail guides, we have solved countless application issues for over 250 customers. We offer hand driven, pneumatic driven, stepper and servo driven linear slides. Whether you are working in a rock quarry or the most stringent food process, pharmaceutical or medical environments, we know
the score. If you you need a catalog product or a solution that takes real engineering know-how, LM76 is your best choice. For more information,
call Mike Quinn @ 1-800-513-3163.

Stainless Linear Slide with Washdown Servo

Stainless Linear Slide with Drive Kit

Stainless Linear Slide with Hand Crank & Lock

Stainless Linear Slide with Drive Kit and Washdown Porting Vents

Special Multi Axis Linear Slides

Profile Rail Slide

Sausage System

Hand crank and screw rotational locking assembly on LM76 Linear Slides  
                           or call Mike Quinn @ 1-800-513-3163 

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  • Handle and digital readout x axis linear slide

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  • Handwheel with revolving, fold-away handle and ball screw rotational locking element  x axis linear slide

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  • Counterbalanced crank with revolving handle and ball screw rotational locking element x axis linear slide

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  • For NEMA 23, 34, 42, 56c mountings

  • Includes risers, motor mounting plate and low backlash coupling
    (size to torque requirements)

  • LM76 can also match your European Pacific mounting