All 440c Stainless
Linear Ball
Bearings from LM76
  • Low Friction
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • High Temp with High Temp Lubricant & Matching 440C Stainless Case Hardened Shafting
  • Drop-In for all Standard Linear Inch Ball Bearings - Open and Closed
  • Washdown Resistant
  • Can be Installed in LM76's NP FDA/Washdown Pillow Blocks and Flange Blocks
  • The Only All Stainless Linear Ball Bearing with an Oill Hole Through the Outer Jacket for Re-lubrication
  • Direct Drop-in Replacement for all Standard Inch Closed and Open Series Linear Bearings

1. Flat for Anti-Rotation
2. Stainless Set Screw
3. Stainless Zerk Fitting
4. Oil Hole
5. NP FDA/Washdown Pillow Block

Part Number Example: SS8OPNUU   1/2" Bearing - Open - With Seals
                                        SS8                1/2" Bearing - Closed - No Seals