We have not found an application where our Ceramic
Coated Linear Bearings have failed due to acceleration
or system speed! 1/21/19


When TGR Technical Center of Michigan started to design a side impact crash test system, they were confronted by a linear bearing challenge - acceleration. The system
is impacted by a hydraulic ram, accelerating to 100G's! No linear bearing company would take the challenge: re-circulating ball bushings and rollers would freeze or skid because they cannot respond to the acceleration. Thus, they would mechanically fail and the shaft would be brinelled/grooved. TGR raised the bar for side impact test systems and LM76
helped them do it. We recently finished a similar system for Jaguar UK.

LM76 Ceramic Coated Bearings  

 To date, we have not had a failure ( since 1976 ) due to acceleration and speed. LM76 Ceramic Coated Bearings are employed by Texas Instruments and
Raytheon Space Systems on rocket sleds for testing electronic components. 

System Info:

1 set of 2", fully supported diameter shafts with LM76
proprietary *ARMX Finish

6 LM76 LXPB 3248-32 Ceramic Coated Bearings - 3 each side.

Load: 2000 lbs.

Lubrication: hydraulic fluid

Drive: Hydraulic ram

* One of the several advantages of ARMX Shafting is the formationof small pockets on the surface of the shaft. These pockets act as smallreservoirs of lubricant.

Email from our customer:

Hello Mike,

Sorry I didn't back to you any sooner, but we are very busy with the Side impact trials. Breaking all kinds of components on the system, but the rails and pillow blocks are still holding up. The main sled was accelerated to over 100g's and decelerated to -20g's. The next step will be to add the test seat and dummy on to the floating seat plate.