Black Racer Ceramic Coated Linear Bearings
PSI PV SFM Shaft Hardness Coefficient
of Friction
5000 40,000 Unlimited
* with lubrication

60 - 440c
See RC60 LM76 Shafting

.04 - .08

BLACK RACER Ceramic Coated Linear Bearings require constant lubrication. High system speeds or rapid oscillation applications may perform better with SAE 30 weight oil. Moderate to slow speeds typically use light greases such as
lithium stearates. The only lubricants not compatible with Ceramic Coated Bearings are those that are silicon based. Silicon based lubricants become gummy and can lead to bearing seizure.

Black Racer Ceramic Coated Linear Bearings
Excel in applications that present:

  • Simultaneous linear, oscillating and rotary motion in 1 bearing

  • Contamination -  glass, metal shavings, abrasive dust

  • High Loads are Present - 10x's more than linear ball bearings

  • Water, Chemical Washdown/Submersion

  • Shock & Vibration - Dampens Vibration to Shaft & System

  • Smooth, Quiet Linear Motion is Required - Medical/Office

  • Linear & Rotary Motion Together are Required

  • Shaft Friendly Linear Motion is Required - will not groove shafting

  • Lower Pricing than Comparable Ball Bushings

  • FDA Compliant when used with a FDA Compliant Grease



Open and Closed Inch

Inch Closed/Single
Pillow Blocks

Inch Open/Single
Pillow Blocks

Inch Closed/Twin
Pillow Blocks

Inch Open/Twin
Pillow Blocks

Single and Double Flange Blocks
Open and Clossed Ceramic Coated
European Metric Bearings
Ceramic Coated Bearing Single, Closed Pillow Block Creramic Coated Bearing Single,
Open Pillow Block
Cearmic Coated Bearing Twin,
Closed Pillow Block
Cearmic Bearing Twin,
Open Pillow Block
Ceramic TWM Metric

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